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14271Meditation Group in Central New Jersey

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  • Ivan F
    Aug 7, 2005



      Do you meditate, or have interest in meditations and live in Central New Jersey ?

      If you answered yes to this question, I would like to introduce this group to you:


      Middlesex County Meditation Group


      We are a small group of only about 15 members right now, but we would like to gain more members. We will be meeting once a month in a public park in a New Brunswick/Edison area. Our first meeting is scheduled for Saturday August 13th and we are planning to chat for about 30 minutes and meditate for another 30 minutes.


      If there is an interest in hanging out longer we can always go for dinner to a diner or some other place.


      The main reason for this group is to strengthen our individual meditation practices as meditation is always more powerful when done as a group rather then individually.


      This group welcomes everyone regardless of their age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religious belief or meditation background.  For those of you who have never meditated, I have a few brochures I can give out and you can decide if you'd like to try it or not. In case you don't feel quite ready for it yet, join us for a chat and rejoin us after the meditation.


      For more information on where to find us and what to bring with you visit us at:




      For those of you who are interested, please join the group and RSVP to the meetup if you'd like to come. This way we can know how many people we should expect and I can keep you updated on any possible last minute changes via email. This website keeps addresses private and there is virtually no junk mail, so don't worry about spam. Membership of course is free.


      If you have any other questions you can email me at:




      May Peace and Love be with you!

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