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1427Re: [Meditation Society of America] logic and meditation

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  • judirhodes
    Dec 2, 2002
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      > Dear Michael and All,
      > What is written here is so very accurate! The next issue of The
      > Traveler will have a sub-theme about Fear, so I see dealing with
      > as most beneficial to spiritual evolution. And what can be seen in
      > Michael, Ganga, Judi, and others who post here, is an absence of
      > They have all encountered it, faced it, and seen that the "I" who
      > afraid isn't real. Once seen, no need for fear, and no focal point
      > it to focus and intensify. And then the fun begins. It was always
      > there, but we tended to run away from "not fun". And after facing
      > fear, Fun is fun and funny and Not Fun is fun and funny. As they say
      > on the street, "It's all good".
      > Peace and blessings,

      "I saw what I had been doing all my life very clearly, and there was
      no way I could deny it. Stunned, I got up from my meditation mat and
      went outside, soon finding myself walking down the hill on a dusty
      gravel road way out in the middle of nowhere, laughing wildly, then
      crying, then laughing again, at the absurd, embarrassing, beautiful
      truth of it."

      -- Scott Morrison

      Have fun! :-0
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