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  • subhash naik
    Aug 6, 2005
      The worthy trainer by the power of yogic transmission weakens the lower
      tendencies in the mind of trainee and sows the seed of Divine Light in the
      innermost core of his heart. In this process the trainer uses his will-force which
      has divine infinite at his back. The trainee may not feel anything in the
      beginning. The reason is that he is accustomed to feel only through the
      senses. After sometime, however, he may feel the results of such
      transmission, which also are in the form of subtle changes of the working of
      his vital parts and tendencies of his mind.

      If I may be permitted a short reference to the Upanishads particularly the
      Kena Upanishad, a student asks his teacher by what does the eye see? By
      what does the nose smell? By what does the ear hear? And so on, and the
      teacher replies that it is not the eye that sees, but the eye of the eye. Similarly
      what hears is the ear of the ear, and what speaks is not the mouth but
      something behind the mouth, the real speaker. The Rishi goes on to add that
      life itself lives only by the existence of the higher life which it contains and this
      is called the pranasya prana or the life of life. My Master has maintained that
      while the body lives by the soul, the soul must in turn have that by which it
      exists, and this is the ultimate life force or pranasakthi.

      We have this brilliant idea in Sahaj Marg that the body lives by the soul, and
      the soul can go through time, as we understand it, on its journey to the
      ultimate. It lives by transmission. Therefore, transmission is called 'life of life'.
      And transmission has nothing to do with space and time.

      The body lives and grows at the physical level, and so sustains itself on
      physical foods. The soul, being spiritual in nature, needs food of that plane.
      Master feeds abhyasis with his spiritual transmission and nourishes them.
      Master calls transmission as 'spiritual food.'

      The body lives by the soul. The soul lives by transmission which we can think
      of as the essence of Divinity. In Sanskrit it is called pranasya prana which
      means the soul of the soul. Really speaking, without transmission the soul is
      like a dead thing. The very first transmission makes the soul alive. It is the
      touch of Divinity itself.

      In our transmission under the Sahaj Marg system, it is this that is transmitted
      into the heart of the student of yoga by the divine power associated with my
      Master, and which power it has been possible for him to endow upon the
      preceptors, as they are called, who are vested with the responsibility of
      offering such transmission to students who come to them. This transmission is
      something which must be felt and which can be felt. You will agree that all life
      is transmission. In every action that we perform, or by which we receive, an
      act of transmission is involved, but in the transmission of Sahaj Marg it is the
      highest gift of life's life itself, and it is this that sets the Sahaj Marg system of
      Raja Yoga apart from other extant systems of yoga.

      Our Grand Master, Samarth Guru Shri Ram Chandraji of Fatehgarh
      rediscovered the capacity for the transmission of yogic or life energy from his
      own centre of existence into the centre of existence of another individual. This
      art he has passed on to his disciple, my Master, who has perfected it. This
      transmission is something which is capable of being felt by anybody who
      takes the trouble of practicing this system for a brief period. In fact it is the
      transmission which sets Sahaj Marg apart from other yogas, and from all other
      systems of human evolution. My Master says that when the transmission is
      made with a force higher than himself, and therefore his evolution or progress
      becomes not only very much speedier but also becomes, in a sense,
      independent of his own capacity for progress. Therefore, the present
      condition of the individual has no bearing on what he sets out to be, and at
      one stroke all differences of present human situation are eradicated, because
      of the possibility of this transmission existing today.

      As a matter of fact what pranahuti does for the spiritual uplift of the abhyasi in
      the shortest possible time, independent efforts cannot do even in a full
      decade. Serious difficulties often arise when meditation is practiced
      independently in accordance with the old methods prescribed in books.
      Under the old system of abhyas, one has to keep on struggling with the mind
      in order to stop its unceasing activities. The struggle continues all the time
      without any success in the real sense. Thus practically there is no meditation
      at all, and all the time is lost in mere struggling and suppressing mental
      modifications. In order to overcome this very great difficulty, under the Sahaj
      Marg system we simply connect ourselves with the power of the Master
      whose mind has become thoroughly disciplined and regulated. His power
      then begins to flow into the individual regulating his mental tendencies.

      What Master transmits is His own spiritual energy which he has got access to
      by virtue of his own yogic accomplishment under his own Master. It has been
      rediscovered that one human being can transmit to another this energy which
      is not limited in any way just because it comes from a human, but is really
      unlimited, because by virtue of its real nature, it is connected with the ultimate
      source of all energy. Therefore this transmission has no boundaries, it has no
      limits, there is no end to the amount of transmission that can take place or if
      you like, the quantum of transmission that can take place. It is therefore
      possible to transmit to one, or to a hundred, or to millions, there is no limit.
      Also he can transmit here or he can transmit to a person wherever he is.

      By this transmission, the Master is able to put into our hearts his own energy.
      That is, now we have the possibility of growing by someone else's energy
      which is put into us. We are helped with a crutch. Instead of being dependent
      on ourselves, we have now become dependent on Him. Because He gives
      that food for the soul which we need to quickly develop, quickly develop
      beyond what we believe to be the possibility for human beings hitherto,
      precisely because he is able to put his wealth into us.

      It erases by his power all past impressions of good, impressions of bad, it
      does not matter which. Because impressions condition our behaviour,
      impressions condition our existence. In that sense the past is a burden on us.
      Every day, we are adding more impressions and, therefore, we are increasing
      the burdens on ourselves. Every day that lapses is one more day in the past.
      Thus we are adding to our burdens instead of decreasing them. My Master is
      able to decrease this, and often eradicate it completely, by his own power
      whereby he removes all impressions of the past from the mind. It is a
      liberation from the past assisted by his own transmission which infuses us,
      with his spiritual energy for our own growth and, therefore, the possibility of
      our development has no limits.

      Master said, "It is the utilization of the Divine energy for the transformation of
      man." But there are cases where even the transmission is reflected back from
      the man who comes to take the transmission. It is as if it cannot penetrate. So,
      the important thing even prior to receiving the transmission seems to be the
      need to accept the Master. One who does not accept the Master does not
      seem capable of receiving the very transmission which is designed to
      transform him. And when does this acceptance of the Master begin? When we
      see him, when we move with Him, when we are associated with Him, we grow
      to love Him, to cherish Him, to adore Him, and the desire comes, to be like

      Master used to call the transmission as 'Forceless force', which I say is only
      his love for us because He was only transmitting love. It is not a force; it is not
      anything else. I prefer to believe and have reason to believe that it is His love
      which was being poured into our hearts which we call the transmission, which
      we call Pranahuti. Being forceless, it will act, not only over infinite distances to
      the very borders of infinity but also through eternity of time. Love alone can
      act, breaking the barriers of space and time. No other force exists which can
      do it.
      The Master and his transmission, I believe, are the same thing. Because I
      asked him once, "What really happens when you transmit? Suppose you
      transmit to me, you are at Shahjahanpur and I am at Madras, what exactly
      happens?" He said, "My sukshma (subtle) self travels to you". Now look at this
      miracle, you see. If anything proves his Divinity it was this fact of transmission
      flowing anywhere at anytime, without limitation.
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