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14254Re: [Meditation Society of America] Unselfish Love

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  • Sandeep
    Aug 2, 2005
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      Hi RM,
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      Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 1:52 AM
      Subject: Re: [Meditation Society of America] Unselfish Love

      Truth, very well said !
      But how can one stop coloring the events with 'should/should not' ?
      In the very sense of the "how" is the sense of "should". 
      In the recognition....... is the cessation.

      Just by thinking & wishing a million times that I don't want to do it ? Or determining that I'll NOT do it ?
      No difference between the two.
      Determining, intending, thinking, wishing......song and dance of the sense of the entity.
      Nope, the conscious mind may want & decide not to add color to an event but the habit of doing that is so deeply & intensly ingrained in the subconscious that the moment the event occurs, it overpowers the intellect & reasoning of the poor conscious & before one knows, reaction takes place. When this is happening it is nearly impossible to get detached from it & witness it from a distance.
      Detachment cannot be "got".
      Witnessing cannot be "achieved".
      Sure, ..........the sense of entity believes that having done, X, Y, Z for so many years, it is now detached, it is now in witnessing mode.
      Here is how meditation helps.
      That which helps is not meditation.
       If one sits alone doing NOTHING, the first thing that props up in mind is the memory of the most powerful passonate event that has taken place recently or before. And mind starts coloring it with thoughts & wishes. One starts rolling over in them  just as if the event is reocurring even though the other party concerned is not physically present to cause or contribute to it. Along with that flood of emotions, a number of sensations start arising in the body. With little practice & patience one can observe these sensations. And lo ! that mental act of observing helps to stand, bear & witness that flow arising & intensifying but slowly & surely waning & withering away! With every re-run of this observation, the strength of that event's influence in the mind also weakens till it completely passes out. Very soon, one can experience that the mind is absolutely free of the after-effects of that event.
      And yet the sense of a mind ......now believed to be free of the after-effects of the event..........persists.
      Rather than looking to free the mind, see what is the nature of the assumption, that is held to be the mind.
      Is not the mind an inference arising from a selectiveness ........from among the mnemonic cells of past experiences?
      Don't rush to agree or disagree.
       So much so that its memory no longer pains. If by chance the other person confronts again, the mind being bereft of all negativities surrounding that person, one can cooly face the reality & hit the solution to the relationship tangle.
      Inspired by the result, as one practices more & more,one can eradicate all accumulated 'sanskaars' of innumerable events, by developing this attitude of detached witnessing & can then remain cool, unhazed, unfazed in any future event too. 
      An attitude of detached witnessing is still an identification.
      The state of detached witnessing (to use some words, some terms)....
      ....is the absence of the presence of all identifications......
      .....AND.......... the absence of the absence of the presence of all identifications
      If meditation cannot help to this end, nothing else can.
      The issue is not whether meditation can help or not.
      Or that X, Y, Z can help in place of meditation.
      The issue, (so to say).........is to apperceive whether there is anything which needs to be helped.
      So long there is "something" which needs to be helped,..........there persists the sense of the entity for which is relevant, for which is significant.....that "something which needs to be helped".
      So long there persists a sense of entitification..............meditation has yet to happen.
      And if meditation cannot help to this end, it is anything but meditation !
      The meditative state is not a means to another end, .......an end separated from it.
      The meditative state is the end of the sense of a "meditator" and thus end of the very concept of meditation.
      The meditative state does not even admit the concept of the meditative state.

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