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14233Wood You Believe More Zen and the Art of Knifemaking

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 22, 2005
      Pic # 75 in the photo section shows the latest
      (literally) heavy metal instrument. It has what
      many consider the most beautiful of all woods
      in the world - Desert Ironwood. The picture
      only gives a hint at its fire-like 3D look
      that changes with every different light that
      shines on it, but it does give you some idea
      of what ironwood is about. But there is a great
      danger involved with this. Very toxic dust is
      stirred up when you work on it. So one must wear
      a mask to filter out the dangerous substances
      that could harm you if you are unaware. So, the
      potential injury factor that is ever present in
      the making of a knife is even greater than usual.
      There are several direct similarities to meditation
      that can be seen here. For instance, the potential
      to injest what really won't be helpful and may even
      be toxic is everpresent when in the quest for inner
      beauty. I have the good fortune to belong to a knife
      making group that was able to give me good direction
      on how to handle ironwood safely and end up with
      something functional and beautiful. I feel this
      meditation group is a viable vehicle for the creation
      of something much more glorious - your evolved consciousness.
      I greatly appreciate the quantity and quality of wisdom
      compassionately being shared here and see this as a great
      blessing. Thanks to all who help make this group a
      remover of dangerous matter and a source of functional
      beauty and knowledge.
      Peace and blessings,