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1422logic and meditation

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  • tosime
    Dec 1, 2002
      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the nice link.

      I was wondering if we could take this further and look at meditation

      Could we come up with our favorite meditation fallacies and share them with

      I can set the ball rolling with a few.

      1) The longer the meditation the better

      From my personal experience longer meditations are not necessarily "better".
      It seems like we adjust for the length of time we have for meditation. Again
      from my personal experience, after about 10 to 20 minutes, additional time
      is not proportional to benefit. The 10-20 minutes has something to do with
      how long it takes for certain physical reactions to take place.

      2) A perfect lotus position is required if you want to be a serious

      I spent many months in agony trying to perfect my mediation position. I did
      not seriously start to meditate until I found a comfortable position.


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      Here is a link to a page that presents the various forms of weak or circular
      type logic arguments. It not only defines them but also describes ways to
      detect them.


      The idea is to be able to detect flaws in logic as others present their
      position(s) on whichever topic. What might be interesting is to apply the
      rules to one's own logical perception of things. Or not...grin.

      ciao - michael

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