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14210Re: [Meditation Society of America] Meditation and blood pressure

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  • Rushikant Mehta
    Jul 14, 2005
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      Sure, Tony, from where did u learn it ? who r others doing it ? Is there a guide too ? plz give out more. It's interesting.



      Tony Osime <tony.osime@...> wrote:
      Hello Rushikant,

      It is my pleasure to describe my meditation practice.

      I practice inner sounds meditation. I use ear plugs to eliminate most
      external sounds. I close my eyes. In a relaxed position, I allow my thoughts
      to gently subside; this typically follows my physical relaxation.

      As I relax and my mental chatter subsides, I become increasingly aware of my
      inner sounds. It starts like the white noise you get when a TV is not tuned
      to any channel. Eventually you notice distinct sounds within the general
      background sounds. If you pay very subtle attention to the most subtle of
      these distinct sounds you are gently pulled into deeper levels of
      meditation. At a certain point you get flushes of endorphins - very
      pleasurable but essentially a distraction. Further still you reach very
      peaceful states of nothingness where all time and meaning appear to cease.
      At this stage there is almost no desire - to continue meditation or to stop,
      even to breath.

      This is as far as I have gone.

      The hardest part is to quiet the mind chatter. The next challenge is to
      latch onto an inner sound. If you focus too strongly the sound disappears
      and you are left empty. If you focus too lightly, the sound passes you by
      and you are again left empty. If you get the focus just right, you are
      pulled to a deeper level of meditation - almost like a traveler on a journey
      reaches a new land.

      At different points I sometimes get insights. I try not to focus on them
      since they can pull you back into thought.

      I hope this gives you a good picture of my practice. Please let me know if
      you want more.


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      May All Beings be Happy, be Peaceful, be Liberated from Misery.

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