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14195Meditation and blood pressure

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  • Tony Osime
    Jul 10, 2005
      Hello Diana,

      Thanks for your comments.
      My meditation is very relaxed. I have been practicing for about 4 years now.
      I believe that meditation has helped to reduce the impact of day to day work
      stress while helping me develop spiritually. "I" am separate from my
      thoughts, even though I have to use the language of my thoughts to
      communicate with others (Like I am doing now) and myself. I look forward to
      the day I am free from the language of thought for communication both with
      others and with myself.

      I also had many "mind induced" ailments. When I look back on my health
      before meditation I feel as if 80% of all my ailments were psychosomatic.

      I have done some research on the internet and I think I have some answers to
      why blood pressure might naturally rise during meditation. The theory is
      that while in meditation your muscles are so relaxed and you are so still
      that your blood circulates less through the outer capillaries since these
      areas need less blood. Since your total blood volume remains the same in the
      short term, this translates into a small increase in pressure. The converse
      also happens. If you started vigorous exercise, your blood pressure would
      fall since more of your blood is pumped to the muscles and the outer
      capillaries. This makes sense to me.

      My guess is that blood pressure is influenced by a number of things and any
      one of them could have a short term dominance. While in meditation, my calm
      mind may reduce my blood pressure, but my physical stillness may increase
      it. Also if my heart beat slows, it might have pump harder to compensate
      which might increase pressure. All in all, it is interesting learning but
      probably not something we should worry about.


      Diana wrote...

      Message: 2
      Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 21:02:35 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Diana Woods <spirit_first_org@...>
      Subject: Re: Meditation and blood pressure

      Hi Tony.
      Interesting study. I am curious, though, to know if your meditation practice
      (especially if it is new) is relaxed for you or if it is a struggle. Is the
      attempt to change old habits into a new practice affecting your blood
      pressure? (This, of course, would be temporary, until you become more
      practiced in becoming the meditation instead of working the meditation.)
      I discovered dramatic health benefits from meditation, first in healing a
      serious skin infection (something I sought in meditation) and then in
      overcoming severe lactose intolerance (something I did not seek but that
      happened from an intensive meditation retreat).
      I am curious to know how blood pressure works for you and others in
      meditation--I cannot imagine one's stepping out of the thinking mind to
      contribute to a rise in blood pressure.
      Interesting study...
      I wish you much blessing.
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