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14192Meditation and blood pressure

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  • Tony Osime
    Jul 8, 2005
      Hello Rushikant,

      Thanks again for your response. I happened to read it again as it came
      up on my office PC and I noticed something very profound that I had

      You said that meditation helps the mind by "...allowing the Nature to
      fill it with profound positivities."

      Could you go further on this aspect. I understand how stilling the mind
      can bring about peace. How does "Nature" fill our still minds with
      profound positivities?

      I have noticed that when I do still my mind, I sometimes get very
      positive thoughts, some of which are profound. For example this morning
      during meditation, I appreciated a kind of happiness that comes from
      making others happy. It is as if you transfer your happiness to others
      and it is reflected back to you. This helps you appreciate that really
      you are not separate beings.

      Is this the sort of thing you were referring to?

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