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14186Meditation and blood pressure

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  • Tony Osime
    Jul 6 12:11 PM
      Hello everyone,

      One of the reasons I started meditation was to improve my general health. In
      particular I wanted to reduce my blood pressure. I believe that mediation
      has helped me stay calmer during the day and this has helped my heath and
      helped reduce my blood pressure.

      I have a blood pressure measuring device I use from time to time to keep
      track of my blood pressure. I was surprised when I started noticing that my
      blood pressure appeared higher on days I meditated, and took a reading just
      after mediation.

      To test this I took readings just before and just after meditation. The
      results were interesting. In almost every case, my reading after mediation
      was HIGHER than my reading before mediation. (The difference was small but
      noticeable. My heart rate was however, generally lower after mediation).

      Can anyone give a reason for this? Has anyone done similar tests and if so
      what has been their experience?

      Look forward to your replies...Tony
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