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14184Re: [Meditation Society of America] First post

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  • Lee LaVictoire
    Jul 6, 2005
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      Good morning, Thank you for your king remarks.  I need to calm myself and meditation appears to be the way.  I have visited the meditation web site and found a great deal of information.  I need to digest it and determine what is best for me.  Thanks agains.  Israel

      Rushikant Mehta <rushi_kant@...> wrote:
      Accept it , react not with aversion or with desire to come out sooner, pass thru the hell, is the only way to get rid for ever. Any attempt otherwise will make it appear to subside momentarily but sit in the subconscious later to erupt. May u be blessed with the sanity & courage to bear it.

      Israel LaVictoire <ilavictoire@...> wrote:
      Hello to all.  My first post here.  It probably doesn't matter where
      am spiritually.  However, there has been a lot of emotional turmoil
      my life which leads to my question.  Meditation.  I believe I
      understand the concept, but I am unable to relax my mind to meditate.

      Any suggestions, please, would be a start for me.  Thanks, Israel. 

      May All Beings be Happy, be Peaceful, be Liberated from Misery.

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