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1418Pure Silence CD

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 29, 2002
      I just received this message from Mark, and although I haven't heard
      it, I feel I can assume that his CD will help point towards
      liberation, because I have every confidence that all of Mark's actions
      are directed towards that.
      Peace and blessings,

      Dear Friends:

      I am happy to announce that the Audio CD: Pure Silence Lessons in
      Living and Dying is now available for purchase on the Puresilence.org
      web site at the following link:
      The CD, which has arisen from the Pure Silence within is my gift to a
      world still very steeped in misery, conflict and earth dividing belief
      systems. All proceeds from the sale of this CD will be to benefit the
      earth's starving people.
      Thanks for your continued support and I offer blessings to you and
      those near to you.

      In love and peace:

      Mark McCloskey
      November 2002