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1417Perfection Awaits You

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 27 5:58 AM
      The circle of darkness and degeneracy has reached its climax. Come
      now, arise victorious and step up towards the zenith of perfection
      that awaits you. Live with a definite purpose - do not roam about
      aimlessly. Walk with a definite aim. Climb the hill of knowledge
      steadily and reach the summit of the temple of Brahman, the grand
      abode of the life immortal.

      In the spiritual path there are constant failures and setbacks.
      Repeated endeavour, constant vigilance and undaunted perseverance are
      needed. When the heart's knots are gradually loosened, when the
      vasanas (tendencies) are gradually thinned out, when the bonds of
      karma are gradually loosened, when ignorance is dispelled, when
      weakness vanishes, you will become more and more peaceful, strong and
      serene. You will get more and more light from within. You will become
      more and more divine.

      Hard enough is it to purify the lower nature, difficult enough is it
      to practise concentration and meditation, but vigilance,
      perseverance, constant practise, steady and persistent effort,
      company of sages, resolute will and strong determination, will
      obviate all difficulties and render the path easy, pleasant and
      attractive. Fight with the mind bravely. Go on fighting with an
      undaunted heart. At the end of your battle you will attain the
      illimitable dominion of eternal bliss, the sweet abode of
      immortality, the immaculate, imperishable self or Brahman.

      Despair not; light is on the path. Serve all. Love truth. Be serene.
      Meditate regularly. You will soon attain the life beatitude, the
      silence, the supreme peace. Even when you get a glimpse of the truth,
      of the supreme, your whole life will be changed. You will be a
      changed being. You will have a new heart and a new wisdom. A new
      thrill of spiritual current will pass through your entire being. A
      wave of spiritual bliss will sweep over you. This state is

      Swami Sivananda