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14156God and higher consciousness

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  • Tony Osime
    Jun 23, 2005
      Hello everyone,

      It has been a while since I last posted. I skim the daily digests
      occasionally so I may not be fully up to speed on the various threads.

      I would like to share an insight I gained during a recent meditation
      session. Please could I have your thoughts and comments.

      As I waited for my usual mind chatter to subside, one of the last
      thoughts that came was "why are you doing this?". Meaning, why was I
      relaxing my mind chatter away. As if in response I got a sense that I
      was simply accessing a higher level of consciousness that was not
      normally available to me, partly because of my mind chatter.

      I then had a sense (this is thought without thinking) that this higher
      level of consciousness was very similar or the same as that accessed by
      people when they invoke God through prayer or other means.

      While I accessed this higher level of consciousness it gave me a
      solution to a problem I was having that was completely unreasonable but

      What I find interesting is that there is no language with this higher
      consciousness. It boils down to being so still and present that you are
      receptive to the very subtle hints it gives you. It would be very hard
      live this way but my thinking is that enlightened people do live within
      this higher level of consciousness.

      Please can I have your thoughts.

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