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1415How Nasrudin Found Silence

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 26, 2002
      The Mullah loved to meditate each afternoon. However, recently a
      group of boys started playing very loudly next to his house. He knew
      that if he told them off they would only increase their noise. So the
      next day he went outside and approached them smiling. He said, "Boys I
      love the sound of your playing but my hearing is not too good. So I am
      going to give you ten dollars each to play as loudly as you can." That
      afternoon the boys made the biggest din possible. At the end of the
      day, the Mullah came out, thanked them and gave each of them ten
      dollars. Next day the Mullah came to the boys and said that he was
      running low on his cash so he could only give then five dollars each.
      Some of the boys grumbled but they still made a huge amount of noise
      that afternoon too. Next day Nasrudin came out apologetically and told
      the boys that he could not pay them any more but asked them to please
      continue playing noisily next to his house. At this the boys got mad
      and said that he was a mean miser and left to play in another part of
      the town. And the Mullah went back to his meditations.