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  • tosime
    Nov 26, 2002
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      This is such an interesting question. I would like to attempt a reply from a
      very limited perspective.

      For me, stones have tremendous symbolism that connects directly to

      The stillness of stone matches the stillness I seek in meditation. Simply
      looking at a stone helps to induce the meditative state.

      The smoothly worn surface of pebbles and round boulders reflects the way
      meditation smoothes our rough edges and makes us less susceptible to the
      rough rivers of life.

      When placed carefully, stones provide places to step on to avoid being swept
      away by a stream, just as we need meditation to avoid being swept away by
      life's challenges.

      Stones symbolize ages and ages of time. When we meditate we seek to reach a
      timeless state of being.

      If we take these symbols we can translate them into design ideas for a

      1) A large, smoothly worn, very symmetrical boulder would be a good focal
      point for meditation. I picture it at the center of a ring of meditation
      stools. The boulder would probably sit on contrasting fine sand which might
      itself have a boarder of smaller, smooth pebbles.

      2) A stone path linking one point to another point makes for a calming
      scene - even if the path is more symbolic than practical.

      3) I have always been fascinated my meteorite rock especially when they
      predate the earth. If I was designing a garden, I might include a collection
      of meteorite rock in a protected but natural display.

      ...I hope this helps


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      XXX wrote:

      I'm an architect student in Sweeden, and i'm designing a garden for
      meditation. I've been searching the internett, and there seems to be a
      connection between meditation and stones. Can you please tell me it if
      is true, and if yes, what is the connestion and the importance of the

      Thank you lots.

      Kind regards

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