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  • subhash naik
    Jun 9, 2005

      Concentration in one sense is the ability to take the essence of anything
      which you wish to know. So to know the essence of physical things, human
      beings and of the cosmic phenomena, the moment you are able to
      everything is revealed.

      It doesn't reveal only the good things and not the bad things. So when we
      want to learn to concentrate, we must be prepared to meditate first.
      Secondly we must be prepared to have the faith and the courage to see what
      is shown to us, not to be disturbed by it. Not to be attracted by the beauty
      that we see, not to be repelled by the ugliness that we may see.

      So concentration means the instant ability to draw the essence of anything
      upon which you apply your mind.

      Taken from the book-"Principles of Sahaj Marg Vol.12", chapter "Meditation
      and Education", pg 213 & 214 -by Chariji