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14123Relentless Love Book

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  • Sara M. Leiste
    Jun 9, 2005
      Hey all,
      A while ago, or more like a long time ago, there was an offer on this group from Bob (I think), that he would send members books (for free) if they would review them for the Meditation Society newsletter. I took him up on it and he sent me Relentless Love.
      Its a short book--130 pages and fairly easy to read. The problem is, I just can't get my head around it. I just can't follow his train of thought for more than a few pages. It makes sense, then it doesn't. Then it does again. I've read it a few times. If it weren't for this group and because I made a promise, I would just put it on a shelf and come back to it in a few months or a year.
      However, I feel it would be better if I made the same offer to all of you. If you want to read this book, I will send it to you on the condition that you review it for the newsletter. Fair enough? I'll send it to the first person who sends me an address.


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