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  • subhash naik
    Jun 6, 2005
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      To my view those who stick to this sort of worship throughout their life,are
      wading deep through the mire ungodliness.It is extremely dificult to
      extricate them out of it. In course of time after constant practice they become
      so firmly rooted to it that they cannot even think of getting away from it at any
      stage.They remain at a standstill.They do not want to get rid of the ideas they
      have already imbibed. Further they apply thier power or thought and make
      them stronger and more solid.Everything casts a reflection in a form similar to
      its own.If the thing is subtle its reflection will also be subtle in character and if
      it is gross the reflection will likewise be gross.If we concentrate on a solid
      thing we are sure to become ourselves inwardly solid.Great havoc has been
      wrought by teachers,who have presented to the ignorant masses everything
      they had learnt from the holy books in hard and solid form.It destroys the
      reflexive power of mind.If one develops such a horrible state he is gone for
      ever.He loses his approach to a broader vision and the capacity for further
      progress becomes extinct.Such person may be compared to frogs in the
      well,with a little field of activity which they consider all and enough.They
      remain whirling round in a closed sphere,hemmed in on all sides.They are
      hammering on the same thing all their life.Stories and illustrationjs of gods are
      all and enough for them.When the practice continues for long the cells of the
      brain are affected and they become saturated with the thoughts which grow
      stronger day by day.Finally the whole nervous system is affected.The external
      opacity gradually creeps inwards and completes the work.They are now
      completely impervious,both within and without,to the passage for the Divine
      Light.Their approach to innerself is completely barred.I shall prefer to call
      them living stones.The hardened crust which they thus developed keeps them
      aloof from slighest association with anything higher or finer.They are almost
      spell-bound by its effects which they consider to be a spiritual stage although
      in fact they are far away from it. My personal experience in the spiritual field
      has revealed to me that it is a pretty hard and tedious task to shatter the hard
      crust,created by such forms of practice,from the hearts of those coming to me
      for spiritual pursuit.If one wants to free himself from these bondages of soul
      he must necessarily clear off the layer of grossness and solidity settled over
      his mind as a result of these stultifying practices.(CONT.)
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