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  • lovepeaceyes2000
    Jun 6, 2005
      As far as I understand what is being said here about Monk hood or
      not is it the real question. But it seems to me that it is not the
      Monk hood that is the real question… The point of not being a Monk
      or being does not stop one from the concept of enlightenment. It is
      the point of being in celibacy from the outer world, would be the
      only understanding of why one who join the Monk hood… Of course we
      can come up with many reasons of why we joined the church or the
      group or the club. But the bottom line of joining is in accordance
      to the level the person is at in their spiritual life… In the
      beginning one goes to meetings for they need association and as one
      grows in spiritual life one then shares association. Then there
      will be a time when one becomes like the parent in there spiritual
      life and need not the association of others but the enlightenment of
      our Creator….. They become living examples… That is the Creator and
      I (you) are one… It is at this level one learns that single
      lifestyle or Monk hood of any kind is not the import ant's in our
      journey of life but the way we teach and express our self in actions
      and words… To be of nothing is something and yet to be of something
      does not make you nothing. We are speaking the truth when we say
      what nectar is for one may be poison for the other. But take the
      step one more time- for that which is poison may also be nectar for
      the new person. But even if it is nectar or poison it is a learning
      step which that person has learned or is learning… Our job is
      balance in life and in teaching. Life like the banyan tree has many
      branches and many leafs but one trunk… But remember, which banyan
      tree are we looking at – the one in the river or the one you are
      sitting under… For when many speak of truth the one must be
      inspired to see the knowledge which it comes from… Find the Godhead
      in the words spoken… Like the beads on the necklace we are many,
      yet the string which is the universal source (Creator) is one
      holding all of us together to make beauty and insight to what we
      really are…

      Shanti and Love