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14103Re: Monk ebusiness

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  • Tom Flou
    Jun 5, 2005
      Dear Jody.
      you wrote:

      > Sorry guys. Not to take anything away from
      > Tom or any other monks, but being a monk has
      > as much to do with self-realization as my
      > dog's ass.
      > While calming the mind is very helpful to the
      > spiritual aspirant, it can be done in a number
      > of ways that don't include celibacy.
      > There have been many individuals who have come
      > to self-realization without first being monks.
      > Furthermore, one man's negative inputs are another's
      > royal road to wisdom.
      > So, while it may be entirely appropriate for some
      > to become monks, for others it would be poison and
      > completely useless to do so. There is no right way,
      > or even better way for everyone.
      > Do as thou wilt as long as nobody is getting hurt.
      > --jody.

      We were having a bit of fun here, Jody.
      No intention of hurting anybody.
      Jeff´s joke just made me write a
      humerous(?) reply.
      No need to drag your dog into this.
      However clever he/she is, however
      famous in these forums.....;-)
      ...I don´t think dogs understand humor,
      they are waaay too serious.
      Playfull: Yes, but humor: No way.
      What about you?

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