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  • de la rouviere
    May 24, 2005
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      Dear friends,
      Something Judi Rhodes and I shared.
      Dear Judi,
      You said:
      >>No one said it was easy, but you have to let everyone go. The courage to stand alone. And that's when real self observation takes place, not before. In other words, you can't still have a stake in the *game* and observe yourself. That's cheating. :-)>>
      (Moller reply)
      >For me the thing is a little different.  Spiritual life is not in conflict with feelings, emotions, tenderness, care, loved ones, being involved in the world.  Rather it is the *transcendence* of our inability to live happily and freely in the midst of our passions and emotional commitments.  We simply do not know how to enjoy life and living.  Spiritual life is to be able to enjoy conditional life fully. No withdrawing away into a world of detached 'spirituality'. This is *real* hard work.>
      Hand in hand,