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  • de la rouviere
    May 24 6:39 AM
      Dear friends,
      These rather valuable lines were written on a visiting card I found on some airport. Enjoy!
      1) Do not simply believe what you hear just because you have heard it for a long time.
      2) Do not follow tradition blindly merely because it has been practiced in that way for many generations.
      3) Do not be quick to listen to rumors.
      4) Do not confirm to anything just because it agrees with your scriptures.
      5) Do not foolishly make assumptions.
      6) Do not be fooled by appearances.
      7) Do not hold on tightly to any view or idea just because you are comfortable with it.
      8) Do not accept as fact anything that you yourself find to be logical.
      9) Do not be convinced of anything out of respect or deference to your spiritual teachers.
      Hand in hand,