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  • jodyrrr
    May 17, 2005
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      > that both Jodiji and Sri Subhash Naik
      > have good intentions. One seeks to spare others from
      > wasting time on a path that leads to nowhere, and the
      > other to help point out a path they have found to be
      > beneficial.

      Actually, I believe Sahaj Marg will work just as good
      as anything. Included in that anything are the practices
      listed at meditationsociety.org. I'm not doubting that
      it works, just the idea that you have to PAY for it, and
      the idea that it's better than other, more economical

      But the thing that really gets my panties knotted is the
      idea that its effacacy is due to a magical transmission that
      comes from a "master." This idea is clearly in the realm
      of magical thinking and is no better than a fairy tale.
      But this fairy tale is being used to promote the practice.

      That's what's BS about it. It's a marketing hook along
      the lines of those used by snake oil salesman. The so-called
      "masters" powers are no more effective than those of my
      dog. The practice may work, but it works by means of
      creating sattvas in the mind, not because some guru
      somewhere is dosing you with a "transmission."


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