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14012More Zen and the Art of Knifemaking

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 14, 2005
      As many of you know, I've been posting pics of
      the knives I've been making, and today I've
      posted a photo (#68 in the "Photos" section to
      the left) of the 7 blades I have recently made
      via the stock removal method. They are now being
      heat treated so they will be strong, flexible, sharp,
      and not brittle. When done, I'll add a guard and
      a handle and they will hopefully be beautiful as
      well as functional. I recently saw knife making
      referred to as "The second oldest profession",
      and this made me smile, but also I witnessed my
      thoughts going in a review of just how true this
      is, and I wonder if shaman, or some similar label
      for a wise man/seeker didn't actually precede all
      of the other occupations. I think that wo/man
      most likely was pondering their existence before
      they ever got the idea of selling their body for
      money, or creating tools for survival. And like
      knife making, someone probably realized that there
      is no understanding until the iron (that is our
      mind/body/emotions) didn't have to go through the
      fire and have all the impurities burned out of it
      before we became truly functional, flexible, sharp,
      and strong. I also realized that when heat treated
      to the exact right temperature, steel loses it's
      magnetism, and that's when it's "just right". And
      of course, when a seeker is no longer magnetically
      drawn to anything, is when their freedom begins.
      In any event, I continue to find doing this little
      crafty-type thing to be enriching in some ways and
      ever-endingly a new experience that always keeps me
      alert in the present during the doing of it. And
      after all, isn't that what a good meditation
      technique should be all about.
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