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14000Count On It - You're Squandering Energy

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 11, 2005
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      One of the culprits is the Count on Sesame Street.
      The problem is that you and your kids have been
      conditioned to count everything you come in
      contact with. Let's say that you drop a handful of
      nails on the floor. If you witness your thoughts as
      you pick them up, there is a great probability that
      you'll see that you are counting the nails as you
      pick them up. And when you're driving somewhere,
      see how often you're checking the speed, time, and
      the distance. At work or in school, it's all about
      counting the minutes before you can go home. And this
      ia all mindless reactivity and a waste of energy.
      Is it any wonder that you're drained at the end of the
      day even though it would seem that you weren't all
      that busy. Witnessing your thoughts is an ongoing
      activity that can only take place in the present, and
      the present is the only time that Reality takes place.
      Do your Self a favor and stop counting and start paying
      silent attention to your real life as it takes place.
      This may or may not get you enlightened, but it will
      definitely lighten your load. You can count on it.

      Kir Li Molari