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  • Jeff Belyea
    May 9, 2005
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "jodyrrr"
      <jodyrrr@y...> wrote:
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      > <jeff@m...> wrote:
      > [snip]
      > > To those, like Jody, for
      > > whom it was more of an
      > > "Oh, yeah, now I see it,"
      > > and life goes on, there
      > > are typically no jimmies,
      > > no cherries, but a sweetness
      > > nevertheless. Even Greg
      > > uses the words "sweetness
      > > and light" in his report.
      > >
      > > (Sorry, Michael.)
      > >
      > > Sweet as ever,
      > >
      > > Jeff
      > Actually, the "seeing" of "it" was accompanied
      > by the simultaneous dissolving of the "idea of
      > me" as Ramakrishna terms it. Watching that me
      > dissolve was almost a shock, but it happened so
      > quickly that there wasn't time for a reaction.
      > This isn't to say I don't have a sense of "me,"
      > just that its hold on identity was shattered, and
      > has remained so ever since.
      > I have to admit a sweetness as the result of this,
      > although I'm still the same firey asshole I was
      > before it all went down.
      > --jody.

      Hi Jody -


      The dissolving of the "idea
      of me" is one of those subtle
      and difficult to describe
      aspects of Awakening that
      has the rational mind hear
      a metal-pipe clang.

      That shift out of the personal
      sense of "ego" to just "being"
      brings the sweet relief from
      taking anything personally, and
      it not only allows for continuity
      of the fiery asshole persona...
      it transforms one predisposed
      to being a fiery asshole
      into a fearless fiery asshole;
      taming the lions of fear and
      doubt and replacing those with
      a hot and sweet pepper undercurrent.

      Love, as always,

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