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  • Jeff Belyea
    May 6, 2005
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "de la rouviere"
      <mollerdlr@t...> wrote:
      > Dear Jeff,
      > May I come in here with some kind of observation.
      > You said:
      > >>Yes, we can. When the enquiry
      > comes from a place of despair,
      > degradation, shame and guilt,
      > and the hope is for release
      > from their grip,>> snip..
      > Could it also be that this kind of suffering-based enquiry could
      have two rather distinct motivations: 1) the suffering coming from
      the things you pointed out above, and 2) when this kind of gross
      suffering has worked itself gradually out of the system there remains
      the pure suffering of duality in its most delicate form yet to be
      > I guess what I am suggesting is that there is the totally untrimmed
      tree to start with and all that is evident are forms of emotional,
      psychological and mental disturbances. These no doubt form the bulk
      of the conscious experience of separation at that level of
      disorganization. However, there comes a time along the path of self-
      enquiry where these things no longer distract the practitioner so
      heavily from inner silence and some sense of freedom from
      conditioning and shadow emotional stuff. This in itself brings a
      lightness of being, but there is still the residual state of duality
      present, which could easily again be drawn into mere reactivity and
      mental distortion. Yet, at this stage, one is no longer driven by
      the gross suffering of personal historical stuff. What is on the
      table is just the mere sense of duality. It seems to me that only
      when this has been recognized as suffering and ways have been found
      to transcend this fundamental inclination towards mere separateness,
      can the freedom of which you may be speaking reveal itself.
      > Or perhaps we may be talking about different experiences
      altogether?. It is really difficult to apprehend the very many
      manifestations of freedom from where people nowadays speak. So many
      claim freedom and enlightement. I often find it difficult to fully
      appreciate where they are coming from. In the olden days, and as
      tradition has it, practioners in the Zen tradition actually often
      left their teachers, or were sent away to other teachers to have the
      different levels of their 'enlightenment' verified, disputed, worked
      on etc. lest the student fools h/herself into truly believing they
      are fully enlightened while perhaps the finer points might still be
      missing. As yet, we have no such kind of 'peer review' in the west
      relative to our enlightening experiences. So we all seem just have
      our own relative light to stand or fall by. This may of course
      create some serious confusion for many - and a ready breeding ground
      for illusion?
      > Have a good weekend,
      > Moller de la Rouviere
      > www.spiritualhumanism.co.za

      Thank you, Moller.

      Of course, we can only
      speak authentically
      from our own direct
      experience. And, yes,
      this is a difficult
      task - to communicate
      our personal experience
      clearly and completely.

      The gradual working out
      of the issues that were
      the root causes of
      suffering, either through
      the grace of time or
      with the help of a
      therapeutic approach
      is distinctly different
      from the experience of
      Enlightened Awakening, a
      "stepping into perfection"
      in which the startling
      realization of "all is well"
      presents itself, as if
      beyond anything the mind
      has previously thought
      or imagined.

      The latter mends the
      illusion of separation
      and sense of duality, and
      leaves a residual sweetness
      as an undercurrent of
      day-to-day consciousness
      (as Jody and Greg have
      noted in recent posts)
      that is above any and all
      circumstances of life

      So many models attempt
      to distinguish between
      the therapeutic recovery
      and the Enlightened, more
      dramatic resolution of
      suffering. And even these
      have subsets. The savikalpa
      and nirvikalpa, and then
      sahaj samadhi, come to

      The easing of suffering
      through time erasure of
      the sting, the temporary
      Enlightenment of savikalpa
      samadhi, and the seemingly
      permanent shift of awareness
      and Awakening to the
      "Ture Self" of nirvikalpa
      samadhi are neat distinctions,
      but as you've written,
      can cause a lot of confusion
      and maybe even delusion.

      Additionally, those who
      feel compelled, or as
      Bruce Morgen writes, are
      "choicelessly obligated"
      to share the good news
      of Enlightenment, seem
      to innocenlty over-promise
      the availability of this
      New Wisdom, Understanding,
      Experiential Knowledge.

      The Big Guys of Gurudom,
      and the relatively unknown
      Awakened Teachers, seem
      to all offer a model or
      point to a path that they
      walked, with the expectation
      that a similar walk will
      produce a similar result.

      As Bruce and Jeff Brooks
      have written; if this
      were so, we would have
      millions instead of
      hundreds of Awakened
      Ones, Buddhas, Christs,
      Krisnas, on earth now.

      As for the much-hunted
      deluded gurus, it seems
      that this is a much-overblown
      hunt. It is unimaginable
      that anyone would step up
      to the role without the
      experiential knowledge -
      for some power trip or
      monetary reward. That
      hunt is left for others.

      Those who fire verbal
      bombast at any talk or
      writing of Enlightenment
      are the more discouraging
      and disparaging game in
      my crosshairs.


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