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  • Greg Goode
    May 5, 2005
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      Hey Moller and all,

      I applaud your encouragement that we not turn our backs on open
      inquiry, meditation, humanistic work, etc. Bob has lots and lots of
      helpful meditations on his site. This e-list itself is a very good
      example. Bob, Jeff and others offer written meditative pieces which
      have transformative power in the moment and after.... Many people
      are blessed to receive a great deal of encouragement, guidance and
      help from this list.

      Since you posted my essay and commented, let me comment a bit on one
      or two points. You mentioned,

      "What I propose is that we put these aside a little, let go of our
      unquestioning acceptance of these as the final word on spiritual
      practice and revelation, and enquire into these matters for

      ===Yes, why not? This is what many of the nondual teachings
      themselves say as well. Inquire where your heart leads. It doesn't
      have to carry the label of a "nondual path." This chimes in with
      what I take as your encouragement in the paragraph above.

      "We may no longer feel the need to listen to the guru, but is the
      message communicated amongst 'friends' in the west not merely a
      second-hand repetition of the messages of the gurus?"

      ===Second-hand vs. first-hand. Maybe you are drawing a distinction
      between someone who doesn't feel that they are living the truth of
      their words - versus someone who does. This distinction doesn't cut
      the same way as guru versus non-guru. I've met several gurus who
      *don't* feel they are living the truth they speak (like the guy in
      the first paragraph of my essay!). And several friends who *do*!

      And nondual teachings certainly do contribute to verbal attempts to
      paper over the cracks of experience. "There's no one here to pay the
      restaurant check, so this form is simply going to leave."

      So I wish you well in your endeavor to assist in humanistic

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