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13983[Meditation Society of America] Re: TRANSMISSION

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  • Jeff Belyea
    May 5, 2005
      > Can we be both sincere and
      > indefatigable in our enquiry
      > without hope of status and
      > attainment?

      Yes, we can. When the enquiry
      comes from a place of despair,
      degradation, shame and guilt,
      and the hope is for release
      from their grip, neither purity
      nor status nor attainment are
      the foci - unless you are
      going to quibble that attainment
      of peace of mind is to be
      counted among "attainments".
      It is gift. The fact that
      IT grants purity does not
      count, either. The POM and
      purity are totally Jackerjacks'
      surprises. (Just a little
      anticipatory fencing
      before the touche).

      The awakening in this context
      is a startling and unexpected
      helping of jimmies, a cherry
      on top, a...lot of sweetness,
      and frequently gives birth to
      a Bhakti Yogi - a gratitude
      attitude for the double scoop.

      The fact that reports of
      this unique solution are
      often couched in spiritual
      terms may be the result of
      a family tradition or a
      cultural prime coat.

      Some will hear the reports
      of spiritual enlightenment
      as ego aggrandizement and
      attempts to attain status
      or imply some attainment
      of a lofty estate. But the
      Bhakti Yogi has no such

      To those, like Jodi, for
      whom it was more of an
      "Oh, yeah, now I see it,"
      and life goes on, there
      are typically no jimmies,
      no cherries, but a sweetness
      nevertheless. Even Greg
      uses the words "sweetness
      and light" in his report.

      (Sorry, Michael.)

      Sweet as ever,

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