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  • subhash naik
    May 4, 2005
      Offer daily the brief prayer at bed time in the most suppliant mood with a heart
      over-flowing with divine love.Repeat the prayer in your mind once or twice
      and began to meditate over it for a few moments.The prayer must be offered
      with a deeply afflicted heart before the Supreme Master imploringg for His
      mercy and Grace,Then alone can he become a deserving aspirant.

      By meditating on the meaning we are embedding the spiritual meaning of the
      prayer in our deeper conscioueness,in the sub-conscious,to keep it alive
      there right through the period of sleep.In the morning,when we repeat the
      prayer just once,the spiritual consciousness is brought out into our waking
      conscious again,and thus a 24-hour cycle of permanent,uninterrupted
      spiritual consciousness is maintained.It is like covering live burning coals
      over with ash at night before we retire to bed.The fire is not allowed to go
      out.In the morning all that we have to do is to blow away the ash,and the fire is
      there ready to be built up as we want it.(CONT.)