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13974[Meditation Society of America] Re: TRANSMISSION

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  • jasonjamesmorgan
    May 3, 2005
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      > The Self is of nothing in this world. The laws of
      > physics do not apply, facile similes notwithstanding.
      > Everyone is the Self. Nobody is "more" the Self,
      > despite what superstitious folk want to believe
      > about their gurus.
      > The guru isn't there to zap you with shakti. That's
      > a myth some gurus use to make themselves popular.
      > What a 'dispeller of darkness' does is illuminate
      > the thoughts of his/her devotees by pointing out
      > the Self in their awareness. It's not something
      > you catch vibrationally, it's something that's
      > suddenly apparent when it wasn't before. The guru
      > can make the connection for you, but you've got to
      > see it alone, completely outside any mythological
      > beliefs anyone has about gurus.

      Well, well,

      Your a bit father off than I originally thought. I see you are still
      doing your sadhana to the end of savikalpa samadhi. For if you were
      realized, you would know that duality is obvious and apparent and
      GOD. You have not realized, as you denie one side of the coin.

      A person can send prana to wherever, whenever they choose.

      So sad, so close, but to stubborn in his sadhana to drop the concept
      of no concepts.

      I grow bored of this. Maybe I will be back next year. My compassion
      might bring forth a thought or two for you. Ta Ta.

      Om Namah Shivaya
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