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  • Bruce Morgen
    May 3, 2005
      Reynold Wingate wrote:

      >Jiddu Krishnamoorthy used to dissuade those who wanted
      >to become disciples.
      Well, he tried to do it --
      unfortunately, after he
      died he became the nexus
      of YAPBC (Yet Another
      Posthumous Bhakti Cult).

      >He believed the spiritual path o
      >each individual is different.
      That's a fact, no belief
      is required.

      >A guru can only give
      >general tips to grow spiritually based on his own
      >personal experience.
      Yes, just as pointing at
      the moon isn't that same
      as being able to grab it
      and hand it over. ;-)

      >It may not necessarily work for
      >his disciples.
      Clearly, otherwise such
      "disciples" would themselves
      uniformly be realized.
      There's obviously no
      universal recipe for that.

      >I believe a guru is not an absolute necessity for
      >spiritual growth. If you have the desire deep in you,
      >you will stumble into the truth some day.
      As Jodyji himself has put it,
      the only actual prerequisite
      is sincerity. This brings
      energy and determination --
      but also an awareness that
      "the desire deep within you"
      may in fact be nothing more
      or other than garden variety
      ambition, abeit clothed in
      "spear-chill" raiment!

      Can we be both sincere and
      indefatigable in our enquiry
      without hope of status and
      attainment? Isn't that the
      subtly elusive "purity" that
      is so often spoken of among
      seekers, the surrendered
      attitude expressed by "Not
      my will, but thine" and the
      very essence of both honest
      enquiry and authentic

      >--- jodyrrr <jodyrrr@...> wrote:
      >--- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com,
      ><no_reply@y...> wrote:
      >>Hello, hello,
      >>Put two glasses of water side by side, and the
      >temperatures even
      >>out. This is called resonance. If you want to
      >defute transmition,
      >>go to the local university, and prove the world
      >The Self is of nothing in this world. The laws of
      >physics do not apply, facile similes notwithstanding.
      >Everyone is the Self. Nobody is "more" the Self,
      >despite what superstitious folk want to believe
      >about their gurus.
      >The guru isn't there to zap you with shakti. That's
      >a myth some gurus use to make themselves popular.
      >What a 'dispeller of darkness' does is illuminate
      >the thoughts of his/her devotees by pointing out
      >the Self in their awareness. It's not something
      >you catch vibrationally, it's something that's
      >suddenly apparent when it wasn't before. The guru
      >can make the connection for you, but you've got to
      >see it alone, completely outside any mythological
      >beliefs anyone has about gurus.
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