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  • jodyrrr
    Apr 29, 2005
      "Transmission" as you are speaking about it
      has as much to do with the nondual truth as my dog's ass.

      It's nothing more than a way for gurus to scam devotees
      by making themselves indispensible.


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "subhash naik"
      <sbhshnaik@y...> wrote:
      > We have this idea in Sahaj Marg that the body lives by the soul,and
      the soul
      > can go through time,as we understand it,on its journey to the
      Ultimate.It lives
      > by transmission.Therefore transimission is called 'life of life' or'
      > PRANA' in the Sanskrit language.
      > Our Grand Master,Lalaji Maharaj rediscovered the spiritual method to
      > transmission,the divine energy,for transformation of mankind.This
      > transmission is something which is capable of being felt by anybody who
      > takes the trouble of practising this system even for a brief
      period.In fact it is the
      > transmission which sets Sahaj Marg apart from other yogas, and from
      all other
      > systems of human evolution.Transmission is defined as the
      utilization of the
      > Divine energy for the transformation of man.The Master has prepared
      > individuals who are permitted to transmit the Divine Energy
      (Pranaahuti) to
      > aspirants on his behalf.They are called preceptors or prefects.(CONT.)
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