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  • subhash naik
    Apr 29, 2005
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      It is the way of connecting yourself at one instant of time to the Almighty
      whose guidance,whose help, you are seeking.And if that is done effectively
      your meditation becomes somethung sublime,something effective.

      Meditation may be defined as the continuous thinking,of something or about
      something.In a sence,therefore,anybody who is thinking continuously of
      something may be said to be involved in meditation.Ancient teachers,both in
      the East and West,have taught that as one meditates so one
      becomes.It,thererfore,follows that what we meditate upon we get or become
      and inversing this formula,if we want to become something we must meditate
      ypon that and nothing else.Therefore if our aim is Realisation or the
      attainment of one-ness with Ultimate,the object of meditation must be that
      Ultimate and nothing else.(CONT.)