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  • subhash naik
    Apr 28, 2005
      We have this idea in Sahaj Marg that the body lives by the soul,and the soul
      can go through time,as we understand it,on its journey to the Ultimate.It lives
      by transmission.Therefore transimission is called 'life of life' or' PRANSYA
      PRANA' in the Sanskrit language.
      Our Grand Master,Lalaji Maharaj rediscovered the spiritual method to utilise
      transmission,the divine energy,for transformation of mankind.This
      transmission is something which is capable of being felt by anybody who
      takes the trouble of practising this system even for a brief period.In fact it is the
      transmission which sets Sahaj Marg apart from other yogas, and from all other
      systems of human evolution.Transmission is defined as the utilization of the
      Divine energy for the transformation of man.The Master has prepared
      individuals who are permitted to transmit the Divine Energy (Pranaahuti) to
      aspirants on his behalf.They are called preceptors or prefects.(CONT.)
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