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13907Re: Emergence of Western teachers of Buddhism and Meditation

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  • Greg Goode
    Apr 15, 2005
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, Jhanananda
      <jhanananda@g...> wrote:

      > These questions of course rely on gross
      > generalizations, but when a room full of
      > Westerners accepts that they have to die
      > and be reborn as Tibetans before they can
      > become "worthy" teachers of the dharma,
      > means that they have accepted the Asian
      > belief that we are demons.

      ===Could mean they just believe the Tibetan
      but aren't aware that the Tibetan has that
      other belief. Reminds me of a line from a
      Woody Allen movie. Woody said, "I didn't
      the diagnosis my analyst gave me. So I
      got another analyst."

      Interesting post. Oddly enough, I just posted
      this on another forum:

      In fact one person posted about 8 years ago
      on ADVAITA-L that Westerners can never become
      enlightened and should not study Advaita.
      The best thing that Westerners can do is to live
      a good life and hope to be reborn in India -
      as a cockroach. They can then build themselves
      up through kalpas of lifetimes to become a
      member of the Brahmin caste where they have
      a decent chance of enlightenment.

      These conservative notions have been a definite
      part of conservative Hindu orthodoxy, though
      not well based on scripture, and not widely
      publicized outside of certain circles.

      That particular thread on ADVAITA-L was part
      of a conservative-liberal divide on that list,
      which eventually led to the formation of the
      more liberal advaitin list, now on Yahoogroups.

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