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13901Re: [Meditation Society of America] Bereavement

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Apr 15, 2005
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      My condolences, Tony. My only
      advice is very general:
      meditation is a valuable tool
      in assisting us in
      understanding the nature of
      loss, grief, and attachment.
      However, it can also be (imo
      mis)used as an avoidance
      mechanism. The healing effect
      of honest grief over time is
      also a great teaching: that all
      thing must pass and that only
      the energetic binding and
      enlivening presence that we
      variously call "love,"
      "Brahman," "God," etc. abides

      If we are fortunate, our
      parents -- particularly our
      mothers -- give us our first
      glimpse of unconditional love,
      and as our grief passes in the
      fullness of days they give us
      their final, parting lesson as
      they become that and only that
      which we gratefully experience
      as love, world without end,

      Much love -- Bruce

      Tony Osime wrote:

      >Hello everyone,
      >My Mother died on Monday. My meditation sessions have been a great help
      >in staying calm in such turbulent waters.
      >Does anyone have any experience or knowledge to share in this direction?
      >Thanks in advance...Tony
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