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  • subhash naik
    Apr 15, 2005
      According to my Master,"Spirituality really begins where religion ends."While
      the basic education of man can be undertaken by religion,his further
      development when he has reached what may be termed adulthood can only
      be offered by spirituality.Spirituallity is easily identifiable with mysticism in all
      aspects.Religion enforces an externalisation of the mind in man's search for
      God.Mysticism or spirituality internalises the search and directs the mind to
      the heart of man where the search should really commence.One of the great
      tenets or principles of all religions has been that in the heart of the human
      being,God Himself resides.Of course this may be thought to be the mere
      doctrine of immanence;but it is true that God is immanent within us.When the
      search is externalised,the first thing man loses sight of,or touch with,is
      himself.The goal is taken to be far away,very often in some far distant sphere
      of existence not easily accessible to us.(CONT.)
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