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13892Re: Confused answers about the body Bruce and Jody

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  • jasonjamesmorgan
    Apr 14, 2005
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      I totally agree with you, I think the best thing to be done is to
      keep this guys name out our mouth. And if it does come up, just give
      them the official refutation. He is not coming out with a third
      edition, because he has no ground to stand on anymore.

      I hope no one will be deterred from finding this rishi through the
      works of his devotees and disciples, because of one mans myth about
      the master.

      I think it is a testiment to the purity of the culture, that this man
      is only suffering the effects of his malevolence through maya. If he
      had tried to make a dollar by saying Mohamad was gay, I think one of
      their more radical following would have let his blood by now.

      Truth always prevails, as it is apparent. The real myth around the
      master, is that his devotees are unrealistic and that he was sexually

      Om Namah Shivaya
      Jason James Morgan

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "devianandi"
      <polansky@m...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Whatever. The fact is that Ramakrishna liked the boys a
      > > lot more than the Math lets on to. It's easy for them
      > > to continue the coverup as the devotional community is
      > > chock full of fawning sycophants who would not dare to
      > > think critically about their precious "Thakur" fantasy.
      > >
      > devi: i know you have a love of the truth but have you ever
      > considered that sometimes its best to just keep quiet? i'm just
      > referring to ramakrishna and his so called penchant......a long
      > ago when someone gave me the Gospel of Ramakrishna i read it and
      > found great comfort in it...it's a wonderful wonderful book with so
      > much good God stuff to digest....sooooooo many teachings.....!
      > if i had thought/heard beleived that he was a pedifile, there would
      > have been no way i would have had that expereince of that
      > i would have missed out on something really GREAT
      > by spreading this news, people will be turned away...
      > or
      > all the pedifiles will think they can become perfect masters..
      > my truth
      > devi
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