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1387Journal Entry-Eve, November 19

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  • eveneon
    Nov 19, 2002
      Date: November 19, 2002
      Time: 8:45am, 35 minutes (open)
      Position: Sitting on bed, cross-legged, eyes closed, hands resting on
      Technique: Body and breath awareness
      Variation: visualization

      Good session today. My mind chatter was high (lots of chattering
      about the chatter!) but my concentration was good. There was a lot
      of "watching" happening today. Moved away from the usual scene in my
      visualization and explored a bit. Interested in just letting images
      come up instead of trying to guide them. Sense potential for
      self/mind discovery with this technique because it leaves me more
      open. Came out of session consciously and felt energized.