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  • devianandi
    Apr 9, 2005
      ...The cycle of birth and death continues indefinitely.

      ****for whom does this cycle continue?
      with grins,

      devi: i would like to hear your answer to your question? please

      **** Sure Deviji,

      The answer is - for you.

      You, the infinite being, the life of everything.

      We only believe that we are separate from god. So we get a lot of
      stories out of that belief. Brahma Drama. It is a quite natural
      thing for folk to do.
      We are what we seek. These mind/bodies are god. We have never left
      our home.

      with love,
      > michael

      devi: nice michael.i would have said that

      after nirvikalpa samadi supposedly the cycle of birth and death


      there never was such an activitiy, it never really happened..there
      was no one for it to happen to


      the Self is never born so it never dies only the body mind complex
      is born and dies

      or only for those who belief it is so...
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