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13800Re: [Meditation Society of America] Qualified non-dualism or non-dualism

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  • jasonjamesmorgan
    Apr 7, 2005

      The Holy Mother prepares food according to the childs temperments.

      Let us see if I can cook some good old fashion, home cooked non-dual
      Bhakti, non-dual Gnani style. I get the feeling it would be less

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      > Yoo-hoo JJM,
      > A somewhat dated post...
      > Some two cents...
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      > Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Qualified non-dualism or
      > Hello,
      > 1. If you were to get a splinter in your foot, do you remove
      it? Or
      > do you realize there is no foot, no splinter, no pain.
      > There is none.
      > And yet a splinter may be removed.
      > Or remains embedded.

      JJM. A mental splinter, like a thought can be removed with non-

      A phiscial splinter, like a splinter :), can be removed with tweezers.

      The difference between sahaja savikalpa samadhi and sahaja nirvikalpa
      samadhi is that one dude would have moved back from the fire, to the
      other there was no fire, and no legs.

      I guess the defence mechanism of refutation might come from believing
      that you have the same power as the president.

      A king demand a yogi tell him a special mantra. The yogi refused.
      When asked he sayed it would not work for him. The king tripped out
      and demanded to know why. Just then the yogi tripped out and ordered
      a guard nearby to sieze the king. The guard did not even blink. The
      king then got angrier and odered the guard to sieze the yogi. The
      yogi became histarical with laughter when the gaurd grabbed him. The
      yogi said he had just demonstrated why it would not work.

      What if there is such things as avatars? Miracles........

      So this distinction is valid in my books.
      Ramana was the Man.

      If you want to know my description of the distinction between
      Savikalpa Samadhi and Nirvikalpa Samadhi, I am sure it is still
      floating around on web. Type my full name in exact search in
      google. Feel free to send me refutations. I enjoy learning more
      than teaching.

      > Ramana sat to close to the fire once and severely burnt his legs.
      > Ramana did not.
      > Yes the psycho-somatic organism which maybe labeled "Ramana",
      Buddha", "George W Bush/Osama Ben laden".......
      > ......so long such an organism is "alive"..........if it sits on
      a hot stove, .......the organism will rapidly ascend.

      JJM. So sit on a hot stove. The natural abidance in the effulgence
      of Self, is preceded by the un-natural abidance in the effulgence of

      He however was already boiled, a fresh pot.

      Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi is different than Sahaja Savikalpa
      Samadhi. Those words of mine alluded to it.

      See different groups post at bottom( I just typed it and dont feel
      like retyping it)

      > 2. I am told you non-dual types believe in nothing.
      > Not even that nothing.
      > And there is no non-dual types.
      > Or to put it in another manner........there is not a whit
      difference between a non-dual type and a dual-type.

      JJM. See post at bottom.

      > Do you believe in yourself?
      > What is this "yourself"?

      JJM. Who read and then answered this post? That is "your"Self as I
      did not read and answer my post.

      > If you only accept your awareness, do you accept mine?
      > There is no "your" or "my" awareness.

      JJM. Truth is apparent. So is honesty. Honesty is accepting neither
      duality or oneness as you say. So, honestly, Jason is mine, Sandeep
      is yours. I will hang on to Jason for the time being. If your
      looking to give away Sandeep, I'll pass.

      > If you accept mine, you must accept God. That in which we live,
      > and have our being. Qualified non-dualism.
      > Aceept whatever rocks.
      > Reject whatever rocks
      > Both sneezings of the dreamt up character of the last night sleep

      JJM. The waking body is just as fleeting as the dream body. Where
      is your body in deep sleep, or nirvikalpa samdhi. Could we chat in
      the later "states". We are now. What does that tell ya?

      > 3. Do you accept qualified non-dualism? Or do you only practice
      > dualsim?
      > What is qualified non-dualism?
      > What is the practice non-dualism?

      JJM. Look it up.

      > If so, do you have sex, enjoy food, etc.?
      > Very much.
      > And you forgot a good Cohiba.
      > Sex is mere humping,.......... while a good cigar..........now
      that's something.

      Jason also enjoys the odd joint, the odd cigarrete, mexican and
      italian food, and the Holy Mother. Does the none dual state allow of

      If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? Only if there is
      an ear drum around. Other wise it is just vibration.

      The difference between tasting sugar, and being sugar.

      > The difference
      > between tasting sugar and being sugar.
      > Being somewhat wet-behind the ears, can you please explain what
      is that difference?

      JJM. See above.

      > Do you act non-dual(ie
      > Ramana)
      > That dude in the diaper was acting?

      Yes, the part of Ramana. He did not talk for many years, in the
      early years. I guess he was only doing guest appearnences at the
      time. And as for his action after, he compared it to a sleep
      walker. He said Jesus the Christ was not aware of his action. Have
      you ever driven home and not remebered getting, like sleep walking,
      it is just a metaphor to explain sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi. The pure
      expression of God.

      Living scripture.

      > or are you a hipocrit and really practice qualified non-
      > dualism(ie papaji).
      > So non-hypocrisy lies in practicing non-qualified non-dualism?
      > Can any "ism" escape a qualification?
      > Non-qualification..............is not a qualification?
      > Act non-dual as well as talk non-dual.
      > How do you act non-dual?

      Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

      The sadhana of gnani gets you to act right. No parts, no desire.
      Kill desire. Etc. No male or female, means no sex. Shitty deal for
      some. An ape is attracted to an ape. Different races are attracted
      to their own somewhat. Daughter end up with husbands like their
      dads. Attraction is a mental creation, enforced by past influences.

      If you were non-dual, would you like blondes or brunnettes better?
      Bunk question in the non-dual standpoint.

      Anyways, If I had posted the below before you posted your response,
      which one would you have responded to, and what would have been the
      thought and context.

      Posted on the "direct approach" group.


      Natural abidance in the effulgence of Self, is preceded by un-natural
      abidance in the effulgence of Self.

      This whole group, Ramana, Sankara, Patanjali, Ramakrishna, etc. etc.,
      vedanta, religion, the very chance to experience realization, would
      not be without the cause.

      So to deny the former, is to deny the present.

      Without duality, there would be no whole. Get it.

      Thank the dudes that remain un-awakened, as they give the chance for
      us to be the polar.

      Nirvikalpa samdhi admits of no parts, no body(hence death in most
      cases). So it is seen that the natural state would not allow our
      little chats. And where would be the fun in that.

      This is sahaja savikalpa samadhi we are injoying, or you would not be
      reading this.

      Sahaja savikalpa (dual) samadhi or the natural abidance in the
      effulgence of Self, is the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of heaven
      is inside you. Enjoy it.

      But remember without hell, there is no heaven.

      Om Tat Sat.

      Ramakrishna was travelling in a cariage to some devotees house, they
      passed a bar, with revelors and drunk merry makers. He saw the
      revelry of the Holy Mother and went into samadhi. He shouted,
      congratulations and happiness for them, as he leaned out of the
      carrige and lost outward consciousness. One new devotee became
      concerned about the masters body. His concernes were quenched by an
      experienced devotee of the Master.

      Om Namah Shivaya
      Jason James Morgan"

      You dont have to accept God, to accept this.
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