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13799Re: [Meditation Society of America] Qualified non-dualism or non-dualism

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  • Sandeep
    Apr 7, 2005
      Yoo-hoo JJM,
      A somewhat dated post...
      Some two cents...
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      Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 12:28 AM
      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Qualified non-dualism or non-dualism


      1.  If you were to get a splinter in your foot, do you remove it?  Or
      do you realize there is no foot, no splinter, no pain.
      There is none.
      And yet a splinter may be removed.
      Or remains embedded.

      Ramana sat to close to the fire once and severely burnt his legs.
      Ramana did not.
      Yes the psycho-somatic organism which maybe labeled "Ramana", Buddha", "George W Bush/Osama Ben laden".......
      ......so long such an organism is "alive"..........if it sits on a hot stove, .......the organism will rapidly ascend.

      2.  I am told you non-dual types believe in nothing.
      Not even that nothing.
      And there is no non-dual types.
      Or to put it in another manner........there is not a whit difference between a non-dual type and a dual-type.
       Do you believe in yourself?
      What is this "yourself"?
        If you only accept your awareness, do you accept mine? 
      There is no "your" or "my" awareness.

      If you accept mine, you must accept God.  That in which we live, move
      and have our being. Qualified non-dualism.
      Aceept whatever rocks.
      Reject whatever rocks
      Both sneezings of the dreamt up character of the last night sleep dream.

      3.  Do you accept qualified non-dualism?  Or do you only practice non-
      What is qualified non-dualism?
      What is the practice non-dualism?
        If so, do you have sex, enjoy food, etc.?
      Very much.
      And you forgot a good Cohiba.
      Sex is mere humping,.......... while a good cigar..........now that's something.
        The difference
      between tasting sugar and being sugar.
      Being somewhat wet-behind the ears, can you please explain what is that difference?
        Do you act non-dual(ie
      That dude in the diaper was acting?
       or are you a hipocrit and really practice qualified non-
      dualism(ie papaji).
      So non-hypocrisy lies in practicing non-qualified non-dualism?
      Can any "ism" escape a qualification?
      Non-qualification..............is not a qualification?
        Act non-dual as well as talk non-dual.
      How do you act non-dual?
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