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13795Re: [Meditation Society of America] A Meditation on God, The Father.

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Apr 6, 2005
      Warning: beware of rolling

      OK, I sort of liked it -- it's a
      bit on the treacly side, but
      given the provided context it's
      pretty danged effective and does
      have its target reader (which
      wouldn't have been yours truly
      back in the day, fwiw) pretty
      much in the crosshairs. I give
      it a solid 8.5 and found I could
      dance to it. Nicely done, sir!

      Jeff Belyea wrote:

      >A Meditation on God,
      >The Father.
      >Fasten your seat belts
      >for just a few minutes.
      >I know that this post's
      >title will send those
      >who have been derailed
      >by the twisted train wreck
      >teachings of some mainline
      >meeting houses of religion,
      >into a full-scale tizzy.
      >And for those who disdain
      >what they refer to as
      >"so-called spirituality",
      >and those who cannot abide
      >the suggestion that there
      >exists some Power, Self,
      >Presence, Energy, Source,
      >Matrix, God beyond their
      >individual prideful self...
      >and those who declare
      >unequivocally that our
      >only route to peace of
      >mind is to accept what is,
      >as all there is...
      >and finally, for those
      >who subscribe to the very
      >contemporary and tragically
      >hip view that would have us
      >all be just friends - no
      >more Father/Son, Mother/Daughter,
      >Guru/Chela or Student/Teacher
      >(just call Mom or Dad by their
      >oh, and let's not forget
      >the Advaiterspeakers with
      >their "We're all already
      >enlightened, so just get
      >on with your life," spoutings
      >of flatline water-spider
      >to you all (my newly acquired
      >southern colloguialism), bye-bye.
      >You've are either not reading
      >anymore, or you have your
      >smugness meter tuned up and
      >ready to redline.
      >But, for those few who may
      >be still reading, here's a
      >model, a metaphor if you
      >will, in which you may find
      >peace of mind and a fullness
      >of joy - in this lifetime.
      >Let's go back briefly to
      >the difficulty that most, if
      >not all adults, have that
      >there really is some Power
      >beyond the individual ego
      >with which they have become
      >identified. Now, if you are
      >one who has peace of mind
      >with this, fine. Just don't
      >block The Way, The Journey
      >of others who may be troubled
      >pilgrims seeking to fill what
      >for them is a painful void
      >in their lives - The Seeker.
      >This is a hurdle that must
      >be cleared, in the upcoming
      >And, one more thing; while
      >there is wisdom in the final
      >analysis, in accepting what
      >is, for The Seeker, there
      >are requisite intermediary
      >steps and efforts, if this
      >acceptance is to be anything
      >more than a flat resignation
      >to a life of quiet desperation.
      >And now for the main feature:
      >In the very early stage of life,
      >we are taught to be individualistic
      >while at the same time, we are
      >coerced into becoming normal and
      >rational, and one of the good
      >boys or good girls.
      >Through this socialization,
      >we lose our true identity
      >and connection to, our existence
      >within, God. We become critical,
      >analyzing, thinking machines,
      >no longer part of a larger
      >harmony of Loving Embrace.
      >By age 5,6, 7, or 8, we have
      >occasions when we lay awake
      >at night feeling lost, alone,
      >separated, stunned and afraid.
      >But we soon push these feelings
      >into our subconscious and
      >get on with life.
      >Later, when we hit adulthood
      >and those old feelings bubble
      >up, we are troubled by fears
      >and doubts. And if they persist,
      >we seek help - a shrink, drink,
      >drugs, over-indulgence, church,
      >or a loop-de-loop support group,
      >or sometimes a loopy Guru.
      >If these don't work, several
      >roads open up for us. Among
      >them: commit suicide, be committed
      >and institutionalized, or glance
      >heavenward one more time.
      >Now, if by Grace one chooses
      >the third option, that one may
      >find a road map to a place
      >beyond recovery, beyond anything
      >they had previously thought
      >or imagined, and beyond what
      >tradition help teaches - they
      >discover a pearl of great price,
      >peace of mind, an overwhelming
      >joy, and new understanding,
      >beyond words.
      >The road map to the discovery
      >of this treasure is left by
      >those who walked this road
      >before, and using this model,
      >rediscovered who they were;
      >liberated from social coercion
      >and emotional manipulation,
      >Free, Realized and Awakened
      >to the reality that we are
      >a spark of God's own fire -
      >Divine in our own right.
      >They found the Fulfiller
      >of The Void, and have a
      >choiceless obligation to
      >share the good news.
      >The map is real, and the
      >peace of mind, joy and
      >understanding can be found
      >once you are convinced
      >of the possibility of its
      >existence, and know where
      >to look. There are large
      >bodies of written and
      >recorded works from the
      >ancient of days to today's
      >teachings from contemporary
      >Awakened Ones, testifying
      >to this Truth. And their
      >words will come alive with
      >clarity and resonance in
      >your own heart, once you
      >read the map and make the
      >discovery on your own.
      >The Authentic Guru will tell you:
      >The map is within you. The
      >treasure is on the throneroom
      >of your heart. Meditation is
      >the matrix in which it can
      >be read and understood - without
      >It only reveals its secret
      >in inner silence (because it
      >is beyond what we can think
      >or imagine), in humility (because
      >there are places that the
      >intellect cannot take us),
      >and in utter surrender to
      >the possibility that beyond
      >the babble, there really may
      >be a place of profound peace
      >of mind - in the very presence
      >and residence of God.
      >Go within to a place of
      >silent, humble stillness.
      >It may seem dark for a time,
      >but with practice, and for
      >most with some guidance,
      >a miracle happens, a light
      >comes on:
      >God, The Father (also within
      >you - or more precisely, you
      >within God) lovingly holds
      >The Light so you can read
      >the map. It takes you back
      >home to your True Home.
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