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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 17, 2002
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      For everyone, the benefits of meditation need not have any mystical
      components such as OOB xp's, and yet are potentially great and life
      changing. The key thing that I see is that meditators become more at
      peace, and that is the most valuable treasure there is. It transcends
      health, wealth, knowledge, bliss...everything. Of course, this is a
      very general statement, and there are very specific benefits that can
      be cited. In issue #7 of our newsletter, you will find an excellent
      article by Lonny Brown Ph.D, that is titled Why Meditate. It is on
      page 18. Here is the URL where you can see it:
      Issue 7: http://www.meditationsociety.com/it71808/index.html
      I hope this helps.
      Peace and blessings,
      > xxxx wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I have read some of your information on your website. I have
      > been interested in meditation, but have very little
      > experience with it. As with anything that is worthwhile, it often
      > takes time to reap the benefits of actions you commit. Given
      > that, I still find a need to motivate me to be continuous in this
      > pursuit. All the talk of seeing energy, out of body xp's, and
      > astral travel all seems incredible, and of course much more
      > but what can a person in my position experience and how? I
      > appreciate
      > your time.
      > Thank you
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