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  • subhash naik
    Apr 5, 2005
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      if we view the matter from thae above view-point,as being nothing but the change of
      vehicle necessary for the advancement of the soul to the Goal.
      The existence of soul can be traced out as far back as to the time of creation when
      the soul existed in its naked form as a separate entity.From that primary state of
      existence of the soul in its most subtle form,we marched on to grosser and grosser
      forms of existence.These may be expressed as coverings round the soul.The
      earliest coverings were of the finest nature and with them we existed in our
      Homeland,the Realm of God.The additions of more and more coverings of ego
      continuied and subsquently MANAS(psyche), CHIT (consciousness) BUDDHI
      (intellect),and AHANKAR (ego) in cruder forms began to contribute in our grossness.
      (by P.Rajagopalachari.) CONT.
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