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  • subhash naik
    Apr 5, 2005
      Spirituality is the science and the art of remembrance.We have forgotten our original
      home from where we have descended to this world in which we are living now.We
      have become so addicted to material life and values that we no longer remember
      that original home of our father whom people call god or by any other
      name.Now,before we return to thathome,there must be something that will make us
      remember that home.How can someone go to place of which he knows nothing.?And
      how can he go if he does not remember it.? People talk of amnesia,but I am telling
      you that here w ehave a permanent amnesia.Therefore I told you that spirituality is
      the science and art of rememberence.
      In its travel back to ots Original Home,the soul is the traveller.The way is the life
      that it adopts on its way home.The vehical is the body in which it travels through
      life.Looked at in this way,we see that there is nothing to be afraid of in
      rebirth.Rebirth is nothing but the soul changing from one useless vehicle to another
      useful one,so that it can keep moving on and on upon its journey back to its Original
      Home.It is therefore,something of a misnomer to even call it as rebirth.What is being
      reborn? Is it the soul? No! Because as we see, the soul exists and continues to
      exist.Is it the body which is reborn ? No ! Because it is a new body that is created
      out of elements for the use of the soul.Then what is it that is reborn, if anything? I
      can only say that the whole concept of rebirth seems to be an unnecessary (CONT.)