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13786Qualified non-dualism or non-dualism as per Papa Ramdas

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 4, 2005
      Some insight by Papa Ramdas.........

      Once, to illustrate the futility of empty, theoretical advaitic
      knowledge, Papa narrated the following story. He was staying in a
      small mandir in Jhansi when a man approached him and asked, "Who are you?"

      "I am Ramdas," he replied simply.

      "No, you speak a lie there," returned his visitor. "You are Ram
      Himself. When you declare you are Ramdas, you do not know what you
      say. God is everything and in everything. He is in you and so you are
      He. Confess it right away.

      "True, dear friend," Ramdas replied, "God is everything. But at the
      same time, it must be noted God is one, and when He is in you and
      everywhere around you, may I humbly ask to whom you are putting this

      After a little reflection, the man could only answer, "Well, I have
      put the question to myself ".

      Papa always stressed the necessity of absolute honesty and sincerity
      as essential in the great Quest. Better an honest, dualistic bhakti
      than a hypocritical advaita. Whereas bhakti, however dualistic, will
      lead ultimately to jnana as jnana mata, the mother of jnana, advaita
      practised only with the head leads merely to confusion and hypocrisy.

      Another incident illustrates this point well. When Papa was staying at
      Mount Abu he was taken to meet a "great saint", Swami Kaivalyananda, a
      young sannyasin living in a cave, his body completely shaved, but
      surrounded by a number of books.

      Papa approached him and prostrated.

      With a look of surprise, the sannyasin asked, "To whom are you
      offering this salutation?"

      "To Ram," Papa replied.

      "Who are you?"

      "Ramdas. "

      "Ramdas. Ramdas, funny, isn't it? There is only one Truth. Why do you
      assume this false duality?"

      "It is Ram Himself, being One, who has chosen to be many. "

      "Wrong," retorted the advaitin. "He is always One; many is false,

      "Truth has become God and His devotee for the sake of lila, the divine
      play," Papa responded.

      "Why play?"

      "For love and bliss; so when Ramdas prostrates before you, it is
      yourself who do it in the form of Ramdas," Papa went on.

      "Bosh!" cut in the sannyasin. "There is only one, never two." "Then to
      whom are you talking, dear Swamiji," asked Papa, pulling out his

      The sannyasin reflected a while and had to reply, "To myself".

      "Exactly. You assume there are two although in the light of absolute
      Truth there is only one."

      "No, no--no realised person believes in duality," maintained the
      advaitin, getting jumpy. "Here, take this book and read it. You will
      understand things more clearly, I assure you. It is written by me." He
      pressed Papa to accept it. Noticing the author's name on the cover,
      Papa noted that he referred to himself as "Swami Kaivalyananda, M.A."!
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