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13772Qualified non-dualism or non-dualism

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  • jasonjamesmorgan
    Apr 3, 2005
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      1. If you were to get a splinter in your foot, do you remove it? Or
      do you realize there is no foot, no splinter, no pain.
      Ramana sat to close to the fire once and severely burnt his legs.

      2. I am told you non-dual types believe in nothing. Do you believe
      in yourself? If you only accept your awareness, do you accept mine?
      If you accept mine, you must accept God. That in which we live, move
      and have our being. Qualified non-dualism.

      3. Do you accept qualified non-dualism? Or do you only practice non-
      dualsim? If so, do you have sex, enjoy food, etc.? The difference
      between tasting sugar and being sugar. Do you act non-dual(ie
      Ramana) or are you a hipocrit and really practice qualified non-
      dualism(ie papaji). Act non-dual as well as talk non-dual.

      Om Namah Shivaya
      Jason James Morgan
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